Scrap the Carbon Tax

Scrap the Carbon Tax

In the middle of a pandemic, the federal Liberal government chose now to increase their carbon tax to $170 per tonne by 2030.

That's right – in the middle of a pandemic, they're making life more expensive.

What will this mean for you and me?

The cost of everything will go up. Your groceries, gasoline. Every good and service you use.

And it will make our province and our country less competitive to do business.

Our government recognizes the importance of protecting the environment. But we know we can protect the environment without placing a massive tax burden on Canadian families – especially when they’ve already sacrificed so much.

It is imperative that all governments work together to make life more affordable, not less, during this pandemic.

Do you agree? Sign our petition if you’re with us in demanding the federal government stop this tax grab.

Together, we can keep up the fight to scrap this tax.