Secure Our Borders

Secure Our Borders

Our borders are a real problem.

And we are now facing a new strain of COVID-19 coming out of the UK. 

After months of pleading with the federal government to take action and secure our borders, we are still seeing tens of thousands of travellers enter our airports and communities without any quarantine enforcement or rapid testing. 

Enough is enough. The time for action is now. 

We need to ensure that our border is secure and that we’re catching cases of COVID-19 before they have a chance of spreading in our communities. We need to implement rapid testing at major airports and take action on quarantine enforcement.

Otherwise, the sacrifices we're asking Ontarians to make are for nothing.

If the federal government won’t secure our borders from this threat, our PC government will. 

Sign our petition if you stand with us on protecting our people, our communities and our future prosperity by securing our borders.